29th September 2020 

Workshops and Short courses

Many people are interested in learning and developing skills in these areas without wanting to train as a practitioner. Even those on full Diploma courses never actually go into practice.

Many of those that do practice, want to develop new skills and continue to work on themselves. Perhaps a workshop fullfills a CPD requirement without the expense of a whole therapy course.

My workshops are suitable for all. I am always interested in developing new courses in response to particular interests, so please contact me about any ideas you may have.

I am also an accredited tutor for the College of Sound Healing.

Workshops 2020

A wide selection of workshops are available:

The use of Mantra for development and healing – an introduction to the use of Sanskrit Mantra to enhance our lives.
Saturday 2nd May
Sunday 12th July

Introduction to Crystal Therapy - if you have an interest in crystals and want to learn how to use them for yourself, come and find out more.
Sunday 24th May

Psychic Protection – working energetically will increase your sensitivity to negative energies. We will look at ways to protect yourself in a challenging world.
Saturday 25th July

Chakra healing with Sound - promote energy flow in your chakra system with your voice. This highly successful workshop enables you to assess your chakras and monitor changes in response to our work throughout the day.
Sunday 2nd August

Pilgrimage - a look at Pilgrimage in different traditions and how this can be incorporated into modern life. The workshop will include guided meditation and use of Mantra.
Saturday 8th August
Sunday 25th October

Chinese Meridians - do you have particular times of the day when you feel tired? Do you always wake up at a certain time of night? This may indicate an imbalance in the energy flow in your meridians. The workshop will provide some background and ways to support yourself.
Sunday 23rd August

Exploring Sound Healing – a day to experience different aspects of Sound
externally and internally with your voice.
Saturday 12th September

Other workshops that may be scheduled on request:

Hypnotherapy for well being – an opportunity to experience Hypnotherapy application for stress, smoking and other addictions

Crystal layouts for Crystal Healing – a day for existing practitioners or those currently in training.

Basic Reflexology massage for friends and family. (Two day workshop)

Understanding Colour – colour is a big part of our lives. Many people experience colours during an energetic treatment or just want to understand the significance of colour and how to use it in their lives.

Working with your Power Animals - an opportunity to contact your Power Animals, understand their role in your life and work with them for your personal development.

Workshops for 2020 are now scheduled. Please contact me for details. Other workshops are constantly being developed and can be tailored to specific needs. Weekend dates are publicized but I will run weekday courses for a minimum of two people on request.

Full day workshops run from 11am to 3.30pm and cost 50 for the day.

Concessions are available – please contact me for further information.

Please watch this space for further workshops