29th September 2020 
Crystal and Sound training. CTCLogo

Crystal Training

The Certificate course provides a solid basis for the use of crystals and energy with friends and family. More than anything else, this becomes a personal development journey. By the end of the course you may feel you are not the same person. The next course will begin in Autumn 2020. Contact me for details.

A second year is an optional addition leading to a practitioner level diploma. The course is approved by the Crystal Therapy Council.

Individual weekends may be attended for personal interest in the topics covered. The charge for one weekend is 130.

Course content includes:
Introduction to the Human Energy Field – auras and chakras
Use of a pendulum
Protection and cleansing of personal space
Cleansing, care and energising of crystals
Use of Mantra and chanting
The intuitive wisdom of the body
Crystal origins, geological characteristics and properties
Crystal sensing (ongoing throughout the course)
Crystals for each of the 7 major chakras, including a study of energetic correspondences.
Colour energy
'New' Chakras

Total cost for the certificate course is 850, payable in installments.

This course is currently scheduled for weekends at intervals of between four and eight weeks, but may also be scheduled during the week at the rate of one day per month if there is sufficient interest.

Crystal and Sound training. CoSN new

Sound Training

I will be teaching the Sound Healing Practitioner Diploma in 2020/21 for the College of Sound Healing. Please visit the website College of Sound Healing for course details and contact me if interested.

If you would like information about our courses or workshop schedule, please email us on [email protected] or complete the contact form on the website.