29th September 2020 
Everything in the universe, as scientists will confirm, is vibration. The vibrational therapies work with the natural vibration of the body. These treatments are more fundamental and more powerful than working at the purely physical level. Working with the Human Energy Field can involve auras, chakras or meridians. Therapies such as crystals and sound are focussed on healing these energies.

Many alternative therapies work with the Energy Field, including Reflexology and Massage. All of my teaching is based around this aspect.

A short course in basic kinesiology muscle testing is available for therapists from other modalities who wish to incorporate these skills into their existing practise or gain a deeper knowledge of testing procedures they already use. Please use the contact form for further details.

A Muscle Testing DVD is available. I have a few left - contact me for details.
Many people first come to Kinesiology for Food Intolerance Testing - please see Workshops.

Other training weekends are available to provide additional training or for those seeking a basic introduction to the subject.

If you would like information about our courses or workshop schedule, please email us on [email protected] or complete the contact form on the website.
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